Talk about a rare opportunity! In all my years of coaching, I’ve never seen a camp like this become available for High School Athletes, especially in Orange County, CA and SoCal area.

As an Athletic Director and Football Coach, we all know that whatever effort is invested in the weight room has tremendous returns on the fields and courts of play. So its important that as a coach, parent or even Athletic Director we’re looking for ways to maximize those gains right?

Of all training programs I’ve adapted and used over the years I’ve never seen as great rewards and maximized return then with having implemented Olympic Weightlifting into our core strength and development strategy of all school athletes while at my previous job at Capistrano Valley Christian School.

After implementing the training program it 2007 with a freshman class who had the opportunity to benefit from it for all four years of high school, we ended up winning a League title in football, and competing  in the CIF football playoffs.  But what is more ironic is the fact we had a smaller team in numbers, and I attribute their strength, speed, and power to the training in the weight room, specifically olympic weightlifting.  

In fact, our school that year broke the record for most League Championships in one year.  We won five League Championships that school year, 2010-11.  They haven’t won more than three since stopping that strength and conditioning program we had rolling there.

You may wonder, why am I bringing this up? Well simply put, this opportunity may not come again.  As a coach and AD, I recommend you share this will your coaching staff and encourage them to invite their athletes if schedules permit.

Some benefits you should expect to see:

  • Refining Snatch & Clean/Jerk Technique.
  • Teaching athletes how to efficiently perform movements to make significant increases to maxes
  • Practicing proper positions and movements.
  • Injury prevention

I’m not kidding when I say this, but there are limited spots. I had the privilege of following up with one of my former athletes Phillip Wilhelm, a 2x National Champion, All-CIF & State in Football, and breaking countless records at his alma mater. He’s organizing this event, and is bringing not just one world class athlete down to coach, but three, and one of which is a 2x Olympian Kendrick Farris. Kendrick competed in both 2008, and 2012 Olympic. He’s set numerous American records, and #1 male lifter in the country as of now. Phenomenal man, and the most explosive athlete I’ve seen.

An opportunity like this where your athletes can learn from the best, a 2x Olympian doesn’t come often!

If you are interested in reserving a few spots on behalf of the program and raffling them off that would be a great idea.


Athletes can save $100 if they use discount code, COACHFORE during the checkout.

If you have any questions about this camp contact- Phillip Wilhelm (949) 338-1144 info@hplifting.com, tell him Coach Fore sent you!

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