((*** My consulting clients, current or former, are not able to apply for a coaching job at my current place of employment, Excelsior Charter School in Victorville.***))

Coach Fore,   I just wanted to thank you for the resume advice.  I updated my resume with the logos of previous schools at which I had previously coached.  During a recent interview, the Head Football Coach mentioned my “attention to detail.”  Less than a week later, I was offered the job.  I am now the Varsity Defensive Backs Coach at Hinsdale South High School.  Thank you for the great idea!            

Sincerely,   Scott Hansen, Burr Ridge Illinois

Do you need help with your resumecover letter or coaching portfolio?  I’d be happy to help you.

Since December of 2012 when I started helping coaches just like you from all over the nation, I’ve seen more than 200 resumes from people in the athletics profession.  Former clients include high school football coaches, collegiate football coaches, former NFL players (two of them), and even one former NFL coach.  EVERYBODY needs help with strengthening their resume!

I’ve been an Athletic Director for five years, and have seen hundreds of resumes as I’ve hired more than a twenty five head coaches for my school.  I’ve interviewed more than a hundred and fifty coaches for a variety of positions.

Also, I’ve been a Head Football Coach for 8 years, and have hired about 20 assistants during my time as a Head Coach.  Again, I’ve seen hundreds of  coach resumes, etc. I have definitely gleaned a lot of positive experience through these search processes for new coaches to share with you.

I will give you exclusive insight in to what an Athletic Director and school administration really look for in making that all important hire!

I really enjoy working with coaches!  It’s one of my passions in life. I LOVE hearing back from coaches who got that first head coaching job, or first long awaited interview for a step up in their coaching career due to what we were able to put together.

Don’t just use ANY resume writing service!  Use one that specializes in athletics!

Go to eightlaces.org to read more about our consulting services, or to place an order.

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